Triple Maple



A Triple Dose of Maple -Maple Syrup, Maple Vinegar, Maple Whiskey  gives the Triple Maple Mustard intense flavour and the  whole seeds gives the mustard a memorable finish.

Showcase it on a fabulous Canadian charcuterie.


Gluten Free              Low Sodium Trans Fat Free

Made with 100% Canadian Mustard Seeds

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Triple Maple Mustard offers a triple dose of maple – maple syrup, maple vinegar, maple whiskey.  The layering of maple builds intense smooth flavour and the whole seeds give the mustard a memorable crunchy finish. Showcase it on a plethora of chartcuterie meats,  pates and cheeses.

To proudly showcase Canada’™s part in the world of gastronomy by using 100% local mustard seeds grown and milled Canada in the development and manufacturing of the Queen Mary Mustard line.

Gluten Free Low Sodium Trans Fat Free
Made with 100% Canadian Mustard Seeds

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125 ml

Ingredients: Canadian Mustard Seeds, Maple Vinegar, Water, Molasses, Maple Syrup Concentrate, Cider Vinegar, Canadian Maple Whiskey

Allergens: Mustard


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